The SGPay Token

Supercharging a cryptocurrency future

SGPAY (SGP) is an incentive and reward token that enables users to get much more out of their cryptocurrency purchases and access rewards on the platform.

Our Token has been designed from the ground up to protect and grow with our initial supporters. Many advantageous traits have been built into the token design.

Utility Token (Rewards)

Be rewarded for holding our tokens with lower transactional fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies on our wallet.

Utility Token (Transactional)

Use SGPay Tokens alongside other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for payments or transfers.

Limited Supply

Only a maximum of 10 million tokens will be made available to the public.

Bargain Initial Market Cap

SGPay Token’s initial price will give it a low market cap of less than US$4.8m. This provides a great upside potential for early adopters.


Regulatory Friendly

Our tokens are classified as utility tokens as they do not provide rights, dividends or liabilities typically associated with shareholders. This provides legal protection for token holders.

Alignment of Interests

The company stakeholders are largely compensated in terms of tokens. Therefore, there is great incentive to increase the underlying token asset value.

No Inflation

There will be no more new tokens issued after our token generation event is concluded.


No Extra Tokens

All unsold tokens from our Token Generation Event will be burnt.


Locked Team Tokens

Our team is vested heavily in this project and will not be getting their tokens until 3 months after the start of the Pre Token Event.